Keywords: sequel, post-texts, Jane Austen, intertextuality, Austenverse.


The article analyzes the sequels to Jane Austen's novels as a phenomenon of popular literature and culture. Secondary, or post-texts, completions, remakes, sequels, meshup-novels, are added to the original ones. These works are addressed to the community of “Janeits” and are designed for their familiarity with the original texts. The article traces the stages of writing Austen sequels, their varieties, sequels are considered as secondary texts that make up the “Austenverse” (Austin's universe). The sequels to Jane Austen's “Pride and Prejudice”: by Colleen McCullough's “The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet” (2008) and Phyllis Dorothy James' “Death Comes to Pemberley” (2011) were analyzed. It is noted that in both works there is a modernization of the artistic world of the original novel, its saturation with elements of detective, gothic, adventurous stories, which in a new way shapes the genre. The authors of the sequels vary the plot of the original text, developing individual motifs and images.


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