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Author Guidelines

Are you a philologist, writing scientific articles and looking for a journal, where your works would be published?

Then we invite you to send your research results to the editorial board of the peer-reviewed almanac “Studia methodologica” and join the forming of the next issue.

Our almanac “Studia methodologica” is an international professional issue included in the international science-computer database “Index Copernicus”.

“Studia methodologica” was created by Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University, together with the Yan Kohanovsky University of Kielce (Poland), to publish research results in the field of the humanities methodology.

Please note that the materials are printed in the original language with the preservation of the author’s stylistics. Articles are published only subject to positive reviews. The almanac exists on the basis of self-financing. The publication of articles is on the paid basis.

Arrange your article in the almanac according to the following rules:

Format. The text of the article is provided electronically: in Microsoft Word 2003 with doc or rtf extension. Size – 14. Font – Times.

The structure of the article. The article should contain the following elements: problem statement, literature review, novelty, purpose, relevance, methodology (theoretical basis of research), research results, discussions and conclusions, references.

Composition: at the top – the title of the article; below – the author’s name and surname; further on – scientific degree, academic title, position, name of the institution where the author works or studies, the address of the institution, the author’s e-mail; below is the UDC index (Universal Descriptive Classification).

Annotations. Annotations are submitted below in English, Polish and Ukrainian. The title of annotations – ABSTRACT. Annotations must be 150 words. Since the annotation is an independent source of information used in science-based databases, it is desirable that its structure be as follows: an introductory word about the subject of research (“The article deals with”; “In this article I explore … “); the purpose of the research (“The aim of this study”); description of the theoretical and practical value of the work (“The article gives a detailed analysis of …”); description of research methodology; main results (“The article is of interest to …”); the value of the research (“The article is great help to …”).

Citations in the text are made according to the model « » or « ». The sources used are at the end of the article (LITERATURE), the source number and page are indicated in the text: [5, p. 6].

Information about the authors. On a separate page, general information about the authors in Ukrainian is provided: name, telephone number, postal address, the name of the educational establishment, department, academic rank and degree, scientific supervisor, place of work, position, e-mail. For authors without a degree article is accompanied by a review of the scientific supervisor.

Approximate size of articles – 0.5-1 printed sheet (12-24 pages).

Author’s pledge. Together with the text of article and information about the authors it is required to send the pledge on authentiсity of the text.

Address. The electronic version is sent to (e-mail):

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.